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Q. Do I have time to think about my purchase?  

A. Make sure you understand the policy before you buy it. But, you will also have at least ten days after the policy is delivered to you to return the policy. This is called a free look period. If you do this within ten days, the company will return all of the premiums you have paid.  

Q. How can I buy the most insurance for the least cost?  

A. Term Life Insurance usually gives you the most insurance for the least amount of money. Also, you may save money by buying a policy with low administrative fees. These "low-load" policies are sold primarily by a handful of insurers through direct mail or toll-free telephone numbers. Low-load policies also may be sold by financial planners licensed as insurance counselors who charge a service fee rather than a commission. Since the initial fees are low, low-load policies also cut your risk of losing money if you surrender your policy early.  

Q. How else can I save money on life insurance?  

A. Group policies, available through employers, are often cheaper than individual ones. You usually don't have to take a medical exam, nor do you have to answer health questions to qualify. In some group insurance, for example insurance available through your work, you may have to show that you have good health if you apply for the insurance later than 60 or 90 days after you were hired. Group insurance also may be available through professional, civic or religious associations. Group life insurance may be offered at a single rate per person, or there may be only a few categories, such as age and gender. This is particularly true if the insurance is Term Life Insurance.  

Q. Will I need life insurance when I retire?  

A. It depends on your individual financial circumstances. Social Security and some retirement plans available through employment cover burial costs and may provide a continuing income for dependents after a retiree's death. Some consumers are able to use the accelerated death benefit rider available in some life insurance policies to cover nursing home costs, but this will usually not provide the same amount of protection as long-term care insurance.  










Q. Can a company refuse to pay a claim in case of suicide or if I do not tell the truth on the application or in the medical exam?  

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